We are the Geneva Team and on our mission to make this world more organized. With our connected device, you will always have the right items with you. Life can be so easy.


Make your objects follow you

In todays world, we have many different centers of life. ShuQi organizes your life. You can customize predefined packing lists and track your most important objects. In one instant ShuQi scans your bag for the relevant object and you can leave without worries. Packing can be so easy.

A combination of sober design and new technologies

ShuQi in your bag communicated on the one end with your phone and on the other end with the objects you wish to track.


the lovely bird in your bag

ShuQi is designed after a bird, who can remember thousands of hidden nuts. She is great and intelligent design in your pocket.

RFID scanning

ShuQi can detect the nuts with RFID technology in a range of 40 cm.

Low energy bluetooth

ShuQi communicates through low energy bluetooth to your smartphone application.

USB C charging

Thanks to a low energy use, ShuQi has a battery life of two weeks. She is charged using the new USB C technology.

first the app - then the bird

The ShuQi app provides predefined lists of items needed for certain events/journeys which can be customized and shared with friends. The most important items can be tracked with stickers and named in the application. With one click, ShuQi tells you whether all objects are present or not.

Application render

Team members

Profile picture of Júlia Racskó
  • Júlia Racskó

  • User Experience
  • HEAD
Profile picture of LoïcFankhauser
  • LoïcFankhauser

  • Industrial Design
  • HEAD
CFC informaticien - CFPT
Profile picture of Adrien Taboada
  • Adrien Taboada

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
Profile picture of Tabea Estermann
  • Tabea Estermann

  • Business
  • HEG-GE
Profile picture of Axel Collet
  • Axel Collet

  • Electronic Engineering

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may our journey begin

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