Here we are after the first week

By Adrien Paolini February 24, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Ilanga project

After the kick off day of last Sunday, we feel like the project has now really begun. Even if the whole process of research we did the last semester was really interesting, we are now happy to start the most concrete stage of the project, which is the development of our connected device.

To understand better what are the different segments of customers for our device, we did an online questionnaire. It will help us focus on a target of people and have a product more specific to the people who seem to need it. Obviously feel free to complete this questionnaire; it would be really helpful for us:

On the scientific side, we have to choose the components in order to complete the breadboard and to have a first idea of the consumption in term of energy of our device.

Another issue is to find a material that can let the UV passing through it and that can make a waterproof box at the same time. Adding the fact that we want our product to be as cheap as possible and easily manufactured, we still have some research to do in order to fulfil these constraints.

Hopefully we will have some designs to show next week. But till then, let’s go back to work…


Team Wellness