We are protecting children from risks linked to sun exposure thanks to a connected hat.



Ilanga is protecting children from the risks linked to sun exposure. Concretely, it alerts the parents when the exposure is at risk or the kid removes his hat. Ilanga is also an educative product thanks to the implementation od a playful augmented reality experience for the kid.

Let your children enjoy the sun in total safety

Ilanga is taking care of watching out for the risks linked to sun exposure.


Sunburn prevention

Thanks to UV sensors, Ilanga knows when there is a risk of sunburn.

Removal detection

If your child removes his Ilanga hat, you will be notified.

Water resistant

No need to worry if Ilanga falls into the water, it is waterresistant!

Environment friendly

There is no need to charge Ilanga, it is 100% Solar powered!

Educative mode

Thanks to augmented reality, Ilanga raises awareness of the kids about risks linked to sun exposure in a playful way. An avatar depicts their remaining sun capital and will look less healthy as they approach the dangerous limit.

Application render

Team members

Profile picture of Adrien Paolini
  • Adrien Paolini

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Loïc Daubresse
  • Loïc Daubresse

  • Business
  • UNIL
Profile picture of Dimitri Nassisi
  • Dimitri Nassisi

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
Profile picture of Thomas Faucheux
  • Thomas Faucheux

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
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  • Antoine Albertelli

  • Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
  • EPFL

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