Smart Wellness – Week 2

By Antoine Albertelli March 5, 2017 Discover Ilanga project

Another exciting week for team “Smart Wellness”!

Our biggest question for now is how should the user interact with the product? We have several ideas that we will explore, from buttons to motion sensors and capacitive areas. Getting the interaction right is absolutely crucial to making a good product, so we don’t want to rush that part!

On the engineering side things are going pretty smoothly: we decided which components we wanted to use for our breadboarding prototype and found suppliers for those. Dimitri needs the battery size to start working on the design so this will be our next step.

We launched a survey to try to know a bit more about our customer segment. Loïc started analysing the results, which sometimes were against our guesses (connected objected are not only for young people!). Next week we will start doing the interviews, in order to extract more precise informations.

Stay tuned!