The serious report: episode 1

By Anthony Cavin March 5, 2017 Discover Todoo project

Luca has focused on highlighting the most risky assumptions for our value proposition. It is important to know which assumptions we must verify and validate first. If these assumptions are not validated, it will surely be necessary to rotate (a little or sometimes even a lot :O). The sooner this process is done, the quicker it is possible to modify our value proposition to suit the needs of our users. Imagine that it turns out that children have no trouble managing their daily activities? We should quickly adapt our idea … (hopefully this is not the case 😉 )

He also wrote a script for the interviews that we will be performing shortly. Maybe you wonder why we want to do it? It’s simple, it’s still necessary to know more about the potential users of our product. For example, we want to know more about children’s everyday life and how they relate to the objects and people they meet or how parents organize and manage their days. These are important points to know in order to refine our value proposition so that it corresponds as best as possible to the needs of our users. (Again and again yes 😉 ).

Concerning the hardware part Anthony and Lucie looked at the components that could be used for the product and especially the microcontroller and the various displays ( TFT display seems to be the best choice ). They first thought about development board ( arduino, raspberry…) but as our idea of the final product becomes closer to a watch, it appears that it would probably be necessary to search for simple microcontroller in order to make our own PCB. Next week is going to be important because the whole team has to do a lot of choices. Our next meeting is tomorrow so we will inform you very soon.

Manon made some research about existing connected devices for kids as well as smart watches and other small electronic equipment, to become familiar with different materials and esthetics used. She also started discussing choice of materials with Anthony, but it’s still early to take decisions, as we first need to validate whether the object is going to be a watch or another kind of object.

Khalil refined the Software Engineering choices. For now, the team is headed for a connected device synced using an Android app. A first sketch of the app was established, that is yet to be validated by UX designer Hélène.