By Adrien Paolini March 13, 2017 Discover Ilanga project

Hello everyone!

As we go forwards into the project, we feel like the outline of our UV-wearable becomes clearer and clearer.

First of all, we have a better insight of our customers’ requirement thanks to our first online survey. We will soon release a second one that is more focused and will hopefully give us some additional information about the customers’ habits.

On the engineering side we ordered the components to build our breadboard. It will give us a more precise idea of the energy consumption of our device.

At first we wanted our wearable to be reloaded with solar panels. After some calculation we found that using adapted batteries would insure a good autonomy. Even if PV panels would add a more trendy aspect, it would cost much more than USB port recharge. As the price is one of the biggest issues, we decided to drop PV panels.

For the design, we are now elaborating some concepts and try to evaluate the potential and the aspect of a detachable device. Instead of being only worn at the wrist, the user could also attach the sensor to his clothes for example.

Last but not least we are still looking for a name for our product; hopefully we will manage to unveil it to you next week…