the path from milestone 1 to milestone 2

By Tabea Estermann April 4, 2017 Discover ShuQi project

This week we presented our work we have done so far. There were many things to say and that is why the presentation got longer and longer. Sorry for that.

Our conclusion from the milestone and the feedback provided by the supervisors and coordinators was encouraging. The content of our project, the work done so far and the way we are heading is fine. However we need to improve the overall fit and consistency in design, interaction design, and the communication. This will require a defined brand identity, which will make our story more interesting than just dry information. This suits our schedule fine, since we are in the coming weeks discussing brand identity and our new name. “smartbag” as we called it in the beginning is definitely not appropriate anymore.

From now on, we will also meet once a week as a team to discuss the progress done in each field.