a trip to the state of Shu in the mountains Qi

By Tabea Estermann April 15, 2017 Discover ShuQi project

On our journey, we have found a new team member: ShuQi. She has already been an observer last week, and joined us this Friday. The ingredients were a plate of quinoa, a messy room and the pugnaciousness to dominate frustration. Inspired by the bird Clark nutcracker, ShuQi is the source of identity and lifestyle. She is the soul of our project and the brain for our future customers. ShuQi, the lovely bird with an astonishing memory for about 20’000 places of hidden nuts is the red line in our story. From the starting tone in the application and the colours of it, to the design of the device and the packaging – she is the core of it.

Between milestone one and two, there is only a short period of time, including one week of holiday, where only few members can work on the project. For this reason, we are glad for our productive time we had in the design-business afternoon.

Concerning the team spirit, we observe that obstacles and difficulties are enforcing coherence and encouragement within the team. It is again evident, that all different kind of personalities are needed to make the team advance. Especially differences enforce the value of each person, since everyone has unique abilities which can be employed for the team. This is not only true for soft skills. As a business student without any talent for art or technology I keep marveling at my colleagues.

We are confident for the future of our project and we are looking forward to the technical advance that will take place in the weeks after milestone two when the engineers will deploy their full time to the technical challenges to make oru ShuQi work as well as the real SuiQi.