Interdisciplinary issues

By Anja Lazzeri May 15, 2017 Discover Pɘggy project

Hi dear CHIC community

Last week we booked our flights to China. Therefore, there was an exuberant atmosphere as the trip finally got concrete.

Obviously, we had a lot more to do than just booking the trip. Milestone 2 is getting closer and we still have to work out some interdisciplinary issues.

Furthermore, we have to figure out how to secure pEggy in a way that nobody can withdraw money without being logged on the device. As a solution we thought about a deadlock of the redistribution mechanism (by inserting a little motor), or adding an alarm (ad a sound or ad red eyes when such an unidentified withdraw was made). However, we have to make sure that our solution does not affect negatively our battery or in general our concept.

We are looking forward to talking to you soon again



Team Fribourg