Sunny days and good news

By Luca Reut May 16, 2017 Edition CHIC 2016-2017Discover Todoo project

The good days are FINALLY back and I feel that it gives energy to the whole team seen the advances of these last days.

Khalil realized a real marathon to code our application. We tested it today and the result is almost identical to the interactive mockup of Hélène – one word: WOW !

Tomorrow, we will again meet a parent to test the new version of the interactive mockup created by Hélène’s care. She also did a great job in a short time by making the changes following feedback from the parents we saw last week. We are looking forward to this new test and we are crossing our fingers that it’s more intuitive and complete than the previous version. (If you want to test it, do not hesitate to contact us. We always appreciate feedback 😉 ).

The engineers presented us the 3D modeling of the PCB and we are curious to come soon to observe them welding 🙂.

Manon concentrated on the bracelet fastening system in order to make it easy to interchange. The good news is that she presented us to what the latter is going to look like and, trust me, it is really practical !

The worst (be reassured, it doesn’t concern you😉) is that it will have to be very very accurate (to the millimeter) for the design of the parts for an effective fixing system.

That’s why, Manon will collaborate with Anthony to calculate the exact measurements in order to be able to print the first pieces. We will give you more details in the following days🙂 .

Finally, we finished our meeting last week by a small photo shooting session that was very fun ! (the proof above ). No, we don’t want to create a music band but we are preparing a little surprise for the end of the week …

Stay tuned !