Milestone 2

By Anja Lazzeri May 30, 2017 Discover Pɘggy project

Hi there 🙂

Last Wednesday we had our Milestone 2 presentation. This time we managed to finish your explanations in the given 15 min. to 20 min. time frame.

Once again, we had some really valuable feedbacks. One of the main concerns of our audience is the device orientation. Due to the multiple semester and bachelor thesis which are connected to our device (and the whole project CHIC) our product is still more technical than customer driven.

This feedback we took to heart. As a result, Nico our product designer went over the whole concept and tried different variations. This new design we will now evaluate by asking our target groups opinion.

Another critical point is the size of our device. Due to the complex interior (money counting and distribution) the size of our pig is at 30 cm3 (even too big to put it into our suitcases). Therefore our mechanical engineers are working on a new concept and are aiming the size of 15-20 cm3.

So that’s it from our side. We are looking forward to talking to you again soon and until then we wish you all the best.


Team Fribourg