Milestone 3

By Luca Reut June 8, 2017 Discover Todoo project

After this little break, it was time to keep you informed of what has happened in recent weeks.

To begin with, last week, we had the third and last milestone of the semester which gave us some long days ( and nights 😉) of effort before this final presentation. This was an opportunity for all team members to present the latest project progress to the CHIC supervisors.

On the business side, we made a preliminary estimate of the potential market for our device. After selecting Switzerland and its neighboring countries as a test market, we realized that this choice was not optimal and we should not limit ourselves to geographical limits. We will therefore carry out a new market analysis before leaving for China.

In addition to this, we have also proposed a first costs estimation of the watch. It was a complex but interesting work because we mixed the calculation techniques used by the students of EPFL and HEC. This collaboration was important in order to, for example, estimate the price of production and assembly for the PCB or know the price of the raw materials used for the watch and the bracelet.

Thus, without going into details (and without giving you the numbers 😉 ), we have made an estimate of the profit per sale and the number of units to be produced to reach the breakeven point – the first results are satisfactory but we will also review them before China.

For the application, the feedbacks from parents on our second version has been positive. Thus, Khalil did not have to make changes (at the moment 😉) about what he had already coded.

Concerning the engineers, they have just received the PCB and they are, at this moment, welding it. The good news is its size which is smaller than what we imagined at the beginning. We look forward to it working !


Manon, as for her, continues her 3D modeling for a better fastening system for the strap. Do not worry, we will keep you informed on the results before our departure 🙂. She also realized new 3D that we could use for …


our landing page ! Yes, it is FINALLY online (see here) and we are super happy with the result ! We invite you to consult it, share it and leave us messages if you have a question, a comment to share or if you simply wish to contact us. We will be happy to answer you 🙂.

Well…despite all the good news, we still have to pass our exams. Therefore, we will be back in 2-3 weeks to share the latest news before the big departure of July 10 for Hong Kong and Shenzhen!

See you !