Hong Kong – Shenzhen

By Loïc Daubresse July 16, 2017 Discover Ilanga project

The 5 days in Hong Kong have came to an end yesterday. We had a packed program there and struggled to find time to write on the blog. However we would have lots to say as you can guess from the posts on our activities there. To sum up in a few lines, we learned and trained our pitch and had several opportunities to do it before important actors of the Hong Kong startup ecosystem. We also attended talks by startup founders and business people, as well as a conference on IoT. We went to RISE which is an innovation Fair and visited Hong Kong.

Having a day “off” to move to Shenzhen yesterday allowed us to rest a little bit in order to feel ready to start working hard on developing the prototype today.

We arrived at x.factory this morning and were introduced to what will be our office for the week. Our team then gathered to schedule the weekly plan in order to develop our prototype. Each member of the group has a lot to do and challenges to meet. The engineers will notably work on improving the PCB, developing the connectivity with the app and testing the different components. Dimitri will have to find the right materials and start making the hat and Thomas will work on designing the app itself, trying to include AR to the experience. I will work on improving the pitch, taking into account the feedback we got in Hong Kong and also give a hand to the other team members on their different tasks.