Design activity: Dim Sum Lab

By Hélène Portier July 20, 2017 Discover Todoo project

Small stuffs to share. Like the chinese food, Dim Sum Lab is a place that brings together people around a table to share something they like.

Dim Sum Lab is a small space in the neighborhood of Sheung Wan. The size of the room was not a surprise for us. Space in Hong Kong is very rare. What was the most surprising for us, especially in hongkong, was to discover a place where they didn’t talk to us about money, profit and startups: this place is all about creating and sharing

Dim Sum Lab is a part of the global Hackerspace movement identifying with the idea of “Not For Profit”.

At Dim Sum Labs, everyone is welcomed to come, gather and make, hack, build, share, collaborate, educate, encourage, grow and achieve. Dim Sum Lab organize differents workshops or HackJam and are open every thursday evening.

To allow members to build their ideas. There is differents machines in the space, like laser cutter, 3D printer, milling machine and a lot of tools. Dim Sum lab is the only place like this in the city but essential in the development of a city like Hong Kong!

Thanks to Michelle and Syabid for having received us and continue to create beautiful things.