Hong Kong Harbour: The whole package

By Michael Hayoz July 21, 2017 Discover Pɘggy project

Yesterday we went to the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. After we presented our product ideas, we were informed about what HKSTP really is, what they do and what advantages they can offer to aspiring entrepreneurs and young start-ups. Following this short presentation, we were introduced to Cheong-Yui Wong, the founder & CEO of Platysens, who talked about his experiences with the incubation process at HKSTP and about his company.

Time capsule at HKSTP

After a short break for lunch, we transferred to the harbor, where we met with Andreas and Cliff, and went to the container Terminals. There we were introduced to Modern Terminals Ltd. (MTL), the second largest container operator in Hong Kong. They even let us go up to their control room, from where we had a great view and could follow the containers as they were moved around by dozens of cranes and trucks.

From MTL we headed over to Panalpina China Ltd. (a swiss based company), which is located only a few hundred meters down the harbourside. There we were shown how packets are packed up in big packages, and how these packages are crammed into even bigger metal containers to ship them via aeroplanes.

At this point, our daily program was over, and most of us went to eat at a local restaurant that served us platters of different foods, which were devoured in seconds and barely managed to fill our empty stomachs.

To end our day in a literal climax, we paid a visit to the Ozone Bar. Located on top off Hong Kong’s largest building, it provided us with rather expensive drinks and an amazing view, inviting us to reflect on the past hours.

View over Hong Kong from Ozone

Greetings from HK

Adrien and Michael