HKDI – Meeting the Chinese student Tree Yung

By Bruno Produit July 23, 2017 Discover Pɘggy project

For the design experience in Hong Kong we were assigned to go visit the famous HKDI in Tiu Keng Leng. It was a great opportunity as we had the chance to meet a local student called Tree Yung.

After a small bus incident we managed to arrive on time at the Hong Kong Design Institute. This was when we met the charming Tree Yung who studies Media Communication. He explained us the daily life of a typical student. Moreover, he showed us current projects of the multiple subjects’ learned at this school. To give us an idea about his own course of study, he showed us an interesting project he did himself: A video production, reinterpreting a famous story by Murakami. It is about a boy suddenly falling for a girl when seeing a specific item of clothing.

After getting an insight into his university life we furthermore talked about his personal experiences as a citizen of Hong Kong. We know now that Tree Yung is not a big fan of the Chinese sun and therefore prefers to stay in the shadow.

Meeting the young students was an unexpected eye opener which allowed us to gather an insight into their mind set as well as doing some accurate comparisons to the Swiss culture.