Prototyping in Shenzhen

By Anja Lazzeri July 29, 2017 Discover Pɘggy project

After having a great time in Hong Kong visiting multiple companies, doing pitches and some sightseeing, we now concentrate on making our prototype in Shenzhen.

Unfortunately, the 3D printer at X-Factory and Seeds are not suitable for our Peggy. As a result, our mechanical engineers had to look for another supplier. Eventually, after some communication difficulties they could find one at Huaqianbei in the middle of the electronic market. The 3D printed prototype will be delivered today afternoon.

Our electronical engineers faced some issues too. After spending one day on equipping their PCB by hand, a single error resulted in the destroy of the whole PCB. Moreover, they learned that seeds actually disposes over an assembly machine. However, it seems that they are not allowed to use it. Luckily, they could find a Chinese engineer who will help them do the new PCB.

Now the business part. Due to a slow internet and the great Firewall of China, working is not always easy. The main goal of Shenzhen is to create the crowdfunding webpage. For now it looks good. However, there is still a lot to do.

To be continued…

Speak to you soon.

Team Peggy