Team building Workshop

By Thomas Havy November 5, 2017 Discover FLUID project

Hello CHIC community!

It’s been a week since the ideation week-end where we formed the team and chose the topic. We have not accomplished much tangible progress since then, but we all started thinking about ideas of objects that would suit the “Water Management” theme. No worries, soon enough we will provide you with more information about our project, as we meet tomorrow to decide on an idea.

In parallel with the project itself, we had another workshop about “Team building” on Friday evening and Saturday. This workshop was opened to all participant of the CHIC but also to students participating in the Russian stream of the STAS minor, so there were students from EPFL, ECAL, UNIL and HEPIA. The main speaker was Jacques Lenarès from Unil. The goals of this workshop were to help us understand the functioning of a team, how to deal with issues within the team and how to harness everyone’s strengths to make the team work as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

We can say that this workshop was a lot of fun, and we are really looking forward to getting the project moving!

Have a nice week!

Team Fluid