What’s up? #1

By Alex Tran November 18, 2017 Discover FLUID project

Hi CHIC community!

So a lot has been going on since our last post.

We had our first meeting during which we discussed about how desperate on ideas we were but despite that, we also managed to talk and share each member’s first ideas emerging from the first week of reflexion. We brainstormed and showed each other videos, images and references to boost our view on the “water management” theme. We also took during this meeting the very crucial decision to try to bring something to munch on during our meetings as we set the meeting time around dinner time. For this time, it was Tamara and Victor who shared their snacks.

Afterwards, we headed toward a destination meant to build some team spirit. And what is better than a good dinner for that? While eating, we got to know each other a little better and discussed about random subjects just to chill out then, after a while, we split and set the appointment for the next episode.


The following week proved to be loaded with work from every side.

We started the week with a pitching workshop during which we learned the values of good presentations and what ingredients constitute one. We laughed a lot but I hope, also improved ourselves a bit. As our team did not totally got the assignment right, we pitched ideas we had discussed previously on Skype ,which turned out to be quite complicated, instead of simply explaining our problematic in simple words. But this exercice allowed us to discuss and gather opinions for our ideas. What sticked in our mind after the workshop was…contact people, lots and lots of people.



Next, we met one of our mentors, Nicolas. Yes only one because, again, we did not fully understand that we had to reach our 3 mentors so we intend to do so in the coming week. During the meeting, we talked about his experience, failures, successes and advices. We found him very sympathetic and we are looking forward to the next meetings.

Finally, we met again on Thursday to meet Stephan and Lison, both in charge for the Industrial Design aspects of the project. We pitched again what we achieved to come up with up to now and talked about different aspect of the theme. They also gave us some interesting tracks to follow for our research phase. This meeting was also an occasion to show Thomas and Victor the backstage of an art school and show them some projects along their journey through the school’s halls and corridors.


We hope this post was not too boring and long for you dear readers, thank you so much to keep following our advancement, we hope not to deceive you!


All the love from the FLUID team!