On your marks… 3…2… 0 !

By Simone Sanso November 27, 2017 Discover ToyGether project

“Time flies” is not just an expression, but a reality.

It looks like the CHIC adventure just started… Still in less than a week, NAPaC will already present an idea of product responding to a question of large scope that our interdisciplinary team aims to solve. Here is a short recap of this fourth week, preparing the first milestone of Friday, December 1st.

After having brainstormed about refugee communities, very different orientations appeared in this wide universe. Narrowing down towards four central topics, the group decided to investigate the nature of recurring problems in refugee camps. Education, identity registration, resource sharing and coordinating organization have been emphasized.

Then, two activists of “UNIL sans frontieres” have been interviewed. The Swiss association militates to facilitate the access to university for refugees. The objective of the meeting was to get more familiar with the current situation, talking with persons from the field. This conversation became key to start thinking about problematics that really matter.

With Estelle’s support, everyone cooperated to build a value proposition and imagine different customer segments for this project’s idea, that could be developed from February 2018.

Before the first milestone, Chloe will have the opportunity to participate to the Humanitarian Hackaton in Geneva. Luca and Marjane will use their awesome drawing skills to put in pictures the first ideas of our project. Meanwhile, Estelle, Yann and Simone will find the state of the art of other products on the market. Together, the pitch for the presentation will be prepared and practiced.

Stay tuned! As soon as we know if the idea of the project is validated, we will of course keep you and CHIC community updated.

To be continued …