A plush toy for kids that connects to their parent’s smartphone.
It enables parents to interact and play games with their children, even when far apart.


A toy to always stay Together

With ever increasing working days and commute times, parents might have less time to spend with their loved ones. Toygether aims to bridge this gap by providing a screenless interaction platform, enabling young children and parents to play together, even when they can’t be physically together.


Toygether is a soft-toy that help shorten the distance between parents and children in an educative and intuitive way



Stay connected and experience new user-friendly and meaningful interactions between the parent and the child even at a distance.


The plush toy helps developing all senses of the kid, fostering memory, coordination and reflexes.


All the electronics are easily removable, which allows for an easy washing of the soft toy.


Your children won’t even notice the technology between their hands, while enabling parents to stay in touch and play with them.

Share a moment with your child, anywhere and anytime

Via a beautiful and easy-to-use application on your smartphone, you can always make your children at home feel your playful presence. Whenever your child starts playing with the toy, you will get a notification and be ready to play together.

Application render

Team members

Nice to meet you! I'm half Italian and half Swiss, currently taking my Master in Computer Science at EPFL. I'm an Alumni of both PoliMi in Italy and Tongjj University in China. I am passionate and full of ambition, always looking for the next challenge to face in my life. Perfectionist and meticulous, I like to push little projects to their highest boundaries. I love to travel, explore new cultures and experience something new each single day.
Profile picture of Matteo Yann Feo
  • Matteo Yann Feo

  • Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
  • EPFL
I am Kiwi and French and I love travelling! When I'm not studying and working on any of my projects, I'm active in scientific outreach and equality programs. I love participating in conferences around the world in technologies, leadership, women empowerment and sustainable development.
Profile picture of Chloe Dickson
  • Chloe Dickson

  • Firmware Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
  • EPFL
Hello, I’m a young Swiss Italian designer, and I’m currently under formation in the field of interactive design. My passion have always been widening my horizon by working, learning and exploring the world. My hope as a designer is to help people to do the same and give them new tools to facilitate them in those challenges. Even if I work often on quite high-tech designs, I have long developed an interest in the more simple and spiritual aspects of the human nature, their contact with themselves and with their environment.
Profile picture of Luca Sassoli de Bianchi
  • Luca Sassoli de Bianchi

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
Italian, born in Switzerland and grown in France, how could I not be tempted by such a multicultural and interdisciplinary program? Intrigued and fascinated by robotics and embedded systems, this minor will enhance my learning outcomes in programming skills, which I consider essential for my future projects. Attentive and respectful, I always enjoy meeting new people and practicing the five languages that I speak fluently. The multidisciplinary group with its various knowledge, approach and qualification will definitely enrich my horizon. The fact of working together on a long term project will teach me a lot by applying the different disciplines and will allow me a solid preparation before starting my professional career.
Profile picture of Simone Sanso
  • Simone Sanso

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
  • EPFL
I come from Paris. I’m student at ECAL on my second year of bachelor option : industrial design. I am excited to be able to participate in this program for the interdisciplinary side but also for the opportunity to realize during 30 days a concrete project which takes several dimensions
Profile picture of Amara Marjane
  • Amara Marjane

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
I was born in the area of Lausanne and grew up there as well. I started my bachelor in management at HEC Lausanne right after highschool. I can't wait for the CHIC adventure to start and I am looking forward to meet other participants !
Profile picture of Estelle Geneux
  • Estelle Geneux

  • Business
  • UNIL

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