Refining our new idea

By Estelle Geneux January 3, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

End of the semester, Christmas, New Year’s celebrations, upcoming exams, holidays…So many reasons for slowing down on our weekly meetings, but we didn’t !

As Chloe mentioned in the last post, our pivot was quite radical. We liked the idea of « offline » technology and how it could be applied for kids. We came up with the idea of a toy, with no apparent technology. This toy would simply collect data about the health and activity of it’s little owner. The context was not very clear at the beginning, but after asking some questions to our friends and families, we concluded that hospital could be an interesting context.

Yann came up with a beautifully illustrated diagram so we could brainstormer over possible features of the toy. Since the toy would probably take the form of an animal, we listed what information each of it’s sense could monitor.

Of course, less is more and we don’t mean to keep all functionalities in the final product, but we thought it would be interesting to list them all, consider them and the remove the les convincing ones.

You will here from us again very soon, hopefully with more details about the features !