Would you adopt one?

By Simone Sanso January 12, 2018 Edition CHIC 2017-2018Discover ToyGether project

Hi readers,

Our team is currently investigating whether a connected teddy bear would have a place to be loved and cuddled, either at home or in hospitals.

To understand the type of data that our piece of fluff should be able to retrieve, the team is moving heaven and earth to get interviews. Specialists from the pediatric and rehabilitation services could more clearly shape its reason to exist. Parents would also bring ideas for a domestic utilization, if the quantity of information is large enough. For this reason, the team is defining a format of interview to be followed, depending if the interviewed persons are specialists on the field or parents caring about their child.

Monitoring data about your health can already be easily done with a smartphone and it is as simple as downloading an app. Why not having a teddy bear doing the same for your kids?

The team is aware that a lot of questions still need to be answered. This is the reason why the time left before next milestone (February 17th-18th) has been reorganized and coordinated to fit with every team member’s availability.

To meet is a beginning, stay together is a progress, work together is success.

Stay tuned for upcoming information!

By Simone Sanso for Team NaPAC.