By Pierre Buffo January 17, 2018 Discover Guido project


Born the 1rst of june 1995, I grew up in switzerland. I am a mountain and lake lover. I love cats, dive in deep water, nature and animals. For now, I am in the second year of my bachelor in Design of products, jewellery and accessories at the HEAD – Geneva ( High School of Art and Design). This formation is something that can bring me everywhere ! I can use so much material, create as many things, objects, as my brain want to create and the only limit is my imagination. Having the possibility of inventing things with my hand or with the help of computer or machines is something I have always wanted. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always built my own doll houses or dress for them and lot of stuff like this. Apart from school, the photography and drowing are some of many activities I like to do form time to time.

During my school journey, I get through terrible ordeals like decease and disappointments but I’m here, going forward and giving the best of me to show I am capable.

From the start of CHIC adventure, I knew i twill be interesting. Our team is great, people in it are intelligent and funny, we all know when we can make jokes and when we have to be serious. I decided to take part of CHIC adventure because it is like a test for me. A test to see how far I can go with my imagination and create something with other people, a test to learn how to work in team wich has other disciplines than design. It is the first big project that is conreat and does not only go from the idea to a drawing or a scale model. In team, we have to help each other to make this happening and work. Of course we may have some disagreement but I know we will get over them and have a successful project.

Being in CHIC team is also a good thing beacause I met great people and I can learn of what they are doing and give them what I know in return. It is a pleasure to be part of that and I am excited to see what i twill be in the end !