By Pierre Buffo January 18, 2018 Discover Guido project

Pierre's pictureDo you like cats ? There’s so many people on this earth who like them. And I still don’t understand why, and what’s even worse is the fact that I’m not alone in that situation. Although I’m not especially a cat lover I have the same undescriptible feeling for technologie. I’m more a tech guy, passionated for news things, gadgets, technologies and others things like that.
As you maybe know my name is Pierre Buffo, born in switzerland, raised in switzerland, I discovered in myself a passion for computers and everything around very young. I’m now 22 years old and in last year from a bachelor at HEPIA Geneva in IT, participating in the CHIC 2018 I’m very grateful to the persons organising this event who will allow me to produce something from a to z.
But being in IT was, in some sort, my destiny, having a father and a grandpa working in the same domain it was natural for me having that same passion. I was born along the internet era, and I feel very lucky about that. Internet and networks brought a lot of new things to our world, and a lot of new horizons for persons like me, connected devices are everywhere, IA becomes more and more powerful, etc…
Aside that I’m a Japanese culture lover, a train enthusiast, an amateur photograph, a data recovery specialist and a motorbike rider, I like building things with my hand and always push my team to go even further.
Being a part of this chic edition will allow me to bring life to a device who will help many people in their life (or at least I hope so). As an engineer my role is to create an electronic circuits and coding things. Building something real is my motivation for this project, and because of that I will put all my effort into making our idea a concrete reality.
In the meantime I’m hoping to discover new things, especially from the other parts of our team (designer and business), you know, when I think to this whole chic concept I find pretty amazing giving to students the ability to create something real within a controlled environment. I know perfectly that what we’re trying to create won’t be perfect, but in some ways, that is perfectly normal, you can’t create somethings perfect from the first time without any background. The whole thing is to learn from your mistakes. And this project is about to create us, I hope, lots of nightmares, ’cause otherwise it would mean that having a full team of qualified teachers is a waste of time (and money) and that we did already know everything.

Learning is fun !