By Gabriel Da Silva Marques January 19, 2018 Discover Guido project

GabrielMy life started the 9’th May 1996 in Geneva when my parents gave me the name Gabriel Da Silva Marques. With a name like that of course my origin is not from Switzerland, I’m Portuguese on the paper but, inside, I feel like a true Swiss guy because all my life is here.
So, as a Swiss guy I study in this beautiful country. I’m already in possession of a computer scientist CFC with a Matu pro that I got in CFPTI 4 Years ago (time flies). When I got this diploma the only thing I was thinking of was to study more, learn the maximum I could. That’s why I started the bridge to enter EPFL but my level in mathematics wasn’t good enough so I sadly didn’t finish the year well. This misadventure explain why I’m at Hepia now in the last year of a bachelor in information technology engineering.
Today, I’m a proud member of Ikare team. My role, like Mehmed and Pierre, is to engineer our product. Make it possible and real by looking for technologies and combine them to build our final device.
I think CHIC is a great opportunity for me to improve myself. For first, my English will become much better (I hope), then, it is always a good experience to work with people that aren’t from our domain. This open our mind and make us understand all the point of views during a project creation. The main point of this project is that we are allowed to make mistakes now that we won’t do later in a future start-up. Of course, meeting new people is the best part of this project 😊.
There is not only CHIC that improves me, I think that my presence there is a plus for everyone, I’m motivated and enthusiast with this project, that, I think, can push every one of the team to give our best.