By Mehmed Blazevic January 21, 2018 Discover Guido project

Hi everyone, I’m Mehmed Blazevic and I’m from Bosnia, but I was born here, in Geneva. I’ve always liked technology and especially computer science. When I finished mandatory school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do in the future. I discovered electronics science by chance at school. I was amazed watching those « things » moving, lighting or doing something it can interact with human. It was very interesting and I knew at that time that I will like working in technology. I’ve always been interested by science, so for me it’s always been clear that I’ll work on a scientific speciality. Now, in my last year at HEPIA, I want to work on interesting projects and CHIC is one of them. This project is very interesting and working with a great team is motivating to me. I like the point of view of a business-guy and especially from the artists guys. As an (future) engineer, I’ve always wanted to solve a problem by doing something like code or electronics schematic the most efficient way. It’s a form of art, because it has to be the most beautiful/effective way to produce something. For me the designers have the same problem. They want a beautiful product, simple to use and the most ergonomic for the consumer. I think that we have a lot to share with each other. Our team is a great team, and we’re improving each other.