When the cuddly toy broke his leg …

By Matteo Yann Feo January 25, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

… and so did the children. But they can share the adventure together while staying at the Hôpital de l’enfance in Lausanne. The cute little plush toys are given by the hospital to kids in order to ease out the staying for them. Aren’t they cute with their little movable plasters?

Mascot of hôpital de l'enfance in Lausanne

Mascot of hôpital de l’enfance in Lausanne

We met the little toy last week when Estelle and Simone brought it back from their interview at the Hospital. They had the pleasure to talk with two doctors and a nurse, who all work around children’s care. We could not have had a better feedback !
The interview went very smoothly and offered to the team the foundations for the coming steps, in which we will enter deeply the project detailing phase. Their reactions, comments and suggestions will now be of great use! The fact they already provide those toys shown us that our intuition was right. How will a “Smart” version of those fit in? The possibilities are endless, be patient.

Moreover, as mentioned in the last blog post, we have as well prepared some online surveys for both parents and specialists. We have started to send them around and received already some first responses.

We are really happy to have some positives feedback. Truth must be told, those past weeks have been difficult and stressful in order to merge the focus on both exams and CHIC. But I feel confident now that we have found the right path to follow.
Right now, kids go back home from the hospital with these cute cuddle toys… but you might find a toy “made by NAPaC” next time. Who knows, right?

NAPaC Team