By Tamara Virag January 28, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Hello CHIC community,



We had some difficult times, especially since most of us just finished struggling through the exams season, and a couple of us still have one or two weeks to go; but, we also have some great news to share!

Since meetings are a bit tricky for us at the moment, the communication between team members is only possible through Skype conferences. We have been contacting multiple organisations and coming up with new ideas, or twitching some older ones to try to improve them. Tonight’s meeting finally allowed us to successfully settle for an idea.
We decided that since we cannot tackle most of the large scale issues (water purifying, large-scale water saving), we are going to use more accessible sources. The focus is going to be on using water as an energy source to recharge electronic devices and batteries.

Indeed, we were inspired to use the water current via a portable turbine, that would generate energy as we let it afloat in rivers and streams.

It is still something we want to develop a bit more before revealing more, and we still have some interviews scheduled with water-related organisations, but we are feeling motivated and on the right track!

We hope you’re as eager as we are, and wish you a nice week,