The second coming.

By Luca Sassoli de Bianchi January 30, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Hooray crew!
We survived the pernicious waters of conjectures and we are now sailing on the sea of concreteness. MS2 island don’t look so far away anymore.

Our efforts are being repaid. We are now confidents that our product has a real place in the care for hospitalised children. As I’m writing these words other team members are laying down the specifics of our device latest incarnation. People (both specialist and not) had very positive reactions to the toy-concept and helped us flesh out what kind of help we can provide in the field of child-monitoring. This new device synthesise all the feedbacks we obtained from interviews and surveys.

Having a toy that can give a rough assessment of the child ‘s state (In terms of sleeping, playing, crying, resting, etc…) will provide a simple yet rich new tool to nurses and doctors. It will help them both in the evaluation and the management of the patients.

And our toy is fun looking too! It’s not of much use to describe its playful features with words, but we are hoping to give a more tangible demonstration soon.

Now that the foundation has been laid down, everyone in the team is excited to finally exercise their respective skill for the project. Everyone is crafting their piece of the puzzle. And with another round of interviews coming our way, we are feeling better than ever.