Weekly meeting

By Mehmed Blazevic February 1, 2018 Discover Guido project

Today, Thursday 1st February, our team met up to test our prototypes in an objective way. We tested 2 prototypes:

– bones conduction device

– buzzers bracelet

Bones conduction devices brings a new interesting way to hear without hears, sound quality is passable but our main concern is about power consumption, these devices are really power “hungry”.

Buzzers bracelet is interesting, but the main problem with those devices is that you can’t really feel which one is activated.

After multiples talks, we thought that making a break in our current idea may be interesting. So we decided to leave ourselves 4 days (until Monday morning) to find completely new ideas.

We have to say that a lot of us are bored with our current project and so, letting the opportunity to the ones who wanted to bring new ideas to the team would be fair.

If any of the new proposition seems interesting to everyone we may completely change our project and as we are now 2 weeks from the MS2, it really is the last moment if we wanted to change our minds.

Though, our work for our first idea isn’t lost, and if we though those new ideas as being dead ends we rill roll back and present the first idea to the MS2.

Bye !