MS2, ready… Go !

By Estelle Geneux February 10, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Dear CHIC Community,

Time flies and MS2 is coming soon ! As ou already know, many things have changed since MS1 if not everything ! We started all over again, and were a little bit of worried that things wouldn’t work out too well. We were afraid we’d end up with no concrete idea, wondering what kind of value we could provide to what kind of customer…but that was until a few weeks ago.

All of a sudden, things started to move quickly. In no more than three weeks, ou idea went from embryo to a reasonably well defined  project. With the many feedbacks that we got from the interviews and the forms that we sent, we realized that our concept, as blurry as it was, made much more sens than we initially expected ! These health professionals also gave us a lot of information that helped us tailor our concept into a relevant project. With that set, it was much easier to move on to more practical features and to actually start developing a real object, and not just an idea.

Just a few more details to go and our baby’s up and ready to hit the stage on MS2 !