Meanwhile, before MS2

By Thomas Havy February 14, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Dear CHIC Community,

The second milestone approaches quickly as we keep working on our mini-turbine. Some serious progress has been made this week in many aspects of the device. Some of us (Tamara, Victor & Alex) met at Starbucks a couple of days ago and discussed about the business side of our product (target, market, selling price, …) and also about some design ideas for the object itself and the app. As we speak, Tamara is working on the app mock-up and Alex on some concepts of the turbine, so prepare to be amazed.

In the mean time, Siqi and I are working on some engineering stuff, mainly a preliminary analysis of the device to help us plan what has to be done in terms of engineering design for the upcoming semester, which will be reflected during the MS2 presentation.

We are all working hard on the mini-turbine, even more since MS2 is coming very soon. In the next blog post, we will share with you more images (for now it is top secret 😉 ) but as a teaser we are offering you a sneak peak at some logo concepts made by Tamara.

See you on milestone 2 !