Kick-off weekend

By Simone Sanso February 18, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Chill, take it easy and relax… It is the last weekend before the beginning of the semester …

Well, that was not really our plan, since a China Hardware Innovation Camp (CHIC) deserves to be prepared! As the rest of the students part of this adventure, our team dedicated this weekend to synthesize the important tasks that will be following.

The first step of this weekend was to show the current stage of our project to the supervisors and the other teams.

Then, several discussions have been led with experts from different disciplines involved in our project, such as business, software engineering, electronics, industrial design and user experience. Feedback from the most skeptical experts helped us targeting on which aspects, our idea of plush toy for hospitalized children needed to be further developed.

In fact, after having analyzed the constructive observations of the experts, the team aimed at defining the “minimum viable product”, which has just enough features to fulfill the most important user needs. In the end, it became clearer in our minds that several crucial hypotheses have been set and never verified, within the context of children in hospitals.

For this reason, all the resources of the team will focus on getting more insight from specialists on the field. This strategy will ensure that our assumptions are validated, before specifying the final requirements of our project.

Brace yourself, China is coming!

Stay tuned,

Simone Sanso for team NAPaC.