By Tamara Virag February 18, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Hello CHIC community,



As I am writing these lines, the rest of the team is working hard on the second prototype of our turbine. I’m letting them sweat a bit and feel kind of bad for not joining right away, but so many things have happened this week-end, so there’s a lot to share!
Yesterday was – as Alex Wayenberg would say – a punch in the face for us.

It was indeed the first time we truly confronted critics on the project and got very relevant feedbacks, may it be on the engineering, design and business side. We have a lot to do.

The key learning we can share with you, that’ll best resume our case is: define the customer specifically or, in a more conceit way : don’t make something no one needs. We realised we haven’t been asking the right people for feedback and interest in our project and also, since the spectrum of interest was unclear, hence, the unclear-ness of the customer segment shouldn’t be a surprise. It is time for us the re-orient the project by interviewing those who are/work inside the field we aim to target truly, so we’re scheduling more interviews for the next week.

Some supervisors also suggested broadening our view and looking out for other ideas of projects and to make sure that everyone in the team gets a job to do and that is also justified in the context of use.

We decided to split the tasks between each other, three of us focalising mainly on the water-turbine project and the other two, staying more open to other means. Until now we had never thought of themes other than energy optimising, or humanitarian and practical themes; therefore, we are going to take a look at other fields such as safety around water, flooding issues and even entertainment.


In conclusion, we were kicked indeed, but also cheered on, therefore we are eager to improve and advance!


See you soon,