Hello World!

By Chloe Dickson February 28, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Hi everyone!

Last week, we needed some rest after MS2 to rethink everything we’d been told. All the feedback was very useful, but we felt a bit pushed around and insecure about the environment we chose for our smart teddy. After a few days and some much needed sleep catchup, we met again and decided to go for it. The hospital is an environment that makes sense to us, and we have a good collaboration possibility here at the Hôpital de l’Enfance. Of course, we’ll have to solve some problems that were raised such as communications and useful features.

Now that the semester has begun, us engineers are starting to have fun! We received our microcontrollers yesterday and managed to make it say hello to the computer! Soon, we’ll start experimenting communication features and more, stay tuned!

See you soon,
Chloe – for NAPaC team.