Milestone 3 is approaching!

By Zheng Siqi March 11, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Dear Chic,

This week was a meaningful week, because we made our final decision on our project. On Tuesday, we had our regular meeting. Alex and Victor demonstrated the results of the market research in “safety in water” field as well as the innovative ideas of the product functions. We were all excited for their good news. Thomas and I gave the suggestions for the feasibility and possible implementation of the ideas. Tamara also had some opnions from user experience. After several intensive and discussions, we made our final decision to dedicate to safety field in water.

Then we began our work quickly. Victor and Tamara is continuing the market research. Alex, Thomas and I began working on the prototype making. On Thursday, we brought our first test version of prototype to ECAL to get responses from supervisors.  Fortunately, they gave us strong support and very good advice about our project. This activated our much more energy. In the next days, we will try our best to make the complete version of the first prototype and clarify the requirements and specifications for our project.