narrowing Down, building Up!

By Luca Sassoli de Bianchi March 15, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

We got a neat concept under our hands now.
The lasts weeks, we had grown more and more concerned by the complex nature of the hospital environment. And even more preoccupations arose when we had difficulties in finding all the medical advice we were needing.

We needed to get out of that tight corner!

What was our project about after all?
One of the main issues we got passionate about was helping children that were alone and distant from their parents. We also believed in the power soft toy over the nowadays omnipresent flat screen and touch interfaces.

Why then focusing only to the hospitalised children when we could make a more simple and humble toy-device that could benefit any child?

So a new clear idea took shape in front of us:
A connected toy which would allow distant parents to have little moments of play with their children, even when they can’t be physically present. The game will be direct and physical (non-verbal level) and aimed at very young children.

Electrical wires are being soldered to conductive textile, cardboard shapes are laying down being evaluated and an embedded circuit is blinking in the dark.

Everything is getting more concrete, functional, tangible, soft, fluffy, cute and huggable!