The birth of Oversee

By Victor Dietrich March 24, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Dear CHIC community,


We arrived at Milestone 3 a little behind our friends of the other teams since we made a big pivot after Milestone 2. However, we have now a project that motivate us and that gives plenty of interesting tasks for all members of our group. Our project now focuses on safety at the water’s edge. We introduced our object, that would be warning parents in case of danger, presented our prototype, and received a lot of advices and ideas on how to improve our concept.

There are now some problems to solve, a concept to redesign a bit, and a market to be refine and focus on our main target. We will now explore how we can merge the data from several sensors to improve the capabilities of our product, review the shape we want to give (cuff that inflates in case of danger, swimsuit that allows you to monitor your child, or an object helping water sports enthusiasts). There are plenty of possibilities and we need to do interviews, test our hypothesis and validate the direction this project will take. The time is running and start to be short as we have our plane tickets ready and just 3 more months to finalize it. Nevertheless, our time is ready to meet this challenge and develop a great product at the end of this adventure.