When MS3 is done… MS4 is on the way !

By Matteo Yann Feo March 30, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Engineering SCRUM board

Hello followers,
we didn’t waste too much time after our MS3 pitch and demo to directly go back to work. We have received a big load of suggestions, comments and doubts from both supervisors and colleagues of the other teams. We really are excited to dive in even more in this prototyping adventure we are living 🙂

However, a lot of work of and stress waits for us as well. Each of us has a full plan of tasks in order to provide the team with concrete advancements as soon as possible. To help us in all this work, for example, engineers have prepared a SCRUM board in their lab @ EPFL. By means of some paper, post-its and a few (hopefully) straight lines, we have defined each ones responsibilities for the coming weeks.

Can’t wait to see each of those Post-Its on the “Done” column soon !
But not before a nice and deserved Easter weekend. See you next week, have some good holidays ^-^

Yann for NAPaC