By Estelle Geneux April 26, 2018 Discover ToyGether project

Dear CHIC community,

Here we are, end of April and the project is starting to feel much more real. Things are evolving fast now and you know what ? Designers chose our magic number…8 ! There are 8 notes on a scale so there’s going to be 8 actionable LEDs on our plushtoy.  And by the way, our plush toy will look nothing like a cute little monster, but more like…something you’ve never seen before. Engineers are working just as hard  to make a working prototype that we can test. The next step ? A hand made connected prototype that may very well be as big as a pillow ! It takes time to scale things down and the sooner we have it the sooner we can put it in the hands of kids to get it tested. Talking about testing, we ran a few interviews already and a few more are waiting for us next week so we are looking forward to discover those new insights ! We’ll keep you updated !