Does it click?

By Alex Tran April 29, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Hi all,

This week we met with our supervisors to come to an agreement after the designer’s midterms evaluation which did not go as expected. Yes we changed our project again a little bit but this time, to open up to more possibilities and to have more flexibilities in the use cases. Our previous approaches were very specific to a small problem which is not bad as such because it can really make a product useful to a segment of customers but the problem is that there is not much room to improve or to be creative. This is why we are currently making a small clip that is meant to help teachers or parents manage small or relatively big number of kids in cases such as school trip, visits, or different outdoor activities. We want to make a product that is going to be a companion to the kid as he or she grows up. We are really focused on specific functions and still keep the water immersion detection as we already worked on it and as it can add value to our product. From the design perspective, there are a lot of possibilities so we started to make mock ups and renders, from the engineer’s perspective, we started to design the PCB and the components to make it as tight and efficient as possible. We are confident that this time we will continue on our path. Let’s hope for the best!

In the meantime, have a good week to you all!

Team Fluid