Taking shape

By Tamara Virag May 13, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Hello CHIC community,


How have you been?

On our part, we are working hard! The last week we were able to make quite some progress on the project. We are moving forward steadily, and things are accelerating, be it on the engineer, designer, or business side. There are a couple of interviews scheduled shortly, in which we will be able to speak to a Daycare Foundation for children, get some insights on how it is handling kids and  get a better idea on how to approach certain aspects of the project.

The engineers and the industrial designer have been collaborating on the shape of the device, the sizing and orientation of the PCB and reviewed  some of the sensors that we need. Another challenge is to consider every situation and context in which the device is needed, and how it should be used, also taking the application into account. This proves to be quite fastidious; there are so many scenarios that we have to take into account! It’s challenging but we’re looking forward to solving the case! Another thing we did, was to find objects that can be affiliated/used with our device, for exemple the safety bands for young children here in Switzerland, scarves of scouts and we observed that primary year students in China also wear red scarves on which we could clip our object. We are also considering the name of the device. Should it be the name of the brand? Of the device? What do we want to convey?

There are still things to be solved, but we are on the right track, more motivated than ever, and we hope you are as eager as we are to see how it will turn out!

Stay tuned 😉