Happy ending in Hong Kong

By Victor Dietrich July 25, 2018 Discover FLUID project

Welcome back CHIC community,

On the 24th our designers started the day with a special design review on the trip. They were working on a creating a booklet with all the mockup, posters and all the other material realized during this project. As well as how the design has been adapted to the Chinese market.

The around midday, we have then been invited by the Business School of HKUST for lunch and interesting presentations from the Dean of the faculty and a serial entrepreneur that talked about his experience and journey through his entrepreneurship life in Hong Kong and how difficult it is to integrate the Chinese market (indeed he has never integrated this market with any of his 5 companies).

The day has then been followed by three pitches from HKUST students and alumni. Interesting products that help women wearing high heels in a less painful way. A nonprofit VR helmet that has everything integrated in it and aim to be low-cost. And finally, A device that helps parents ensure that their babies are doing well and have no fiver.  Finally, our 5 teams have pitched their ideas. Alex did a wonderful pitch with great humor and supported by a magnificent video. It has been followed by few questions from the UKUST alumni and students.

In the evening we went at Brinc a famous accelerator. We had a really nice welcome with pizzas and drinks and really cool workers. Brinc is here to connect startups, accelerate them, and make them grow in the business environment. They have accelerators in few countries around the world in the field of IoT and drone. We pitched our project for the last time in Asia, Alex and Victor did a great performance together.

For the very last day of the CHIC adventure we had a scavenger hunt around the city, that helped us discover the city a bit better. The day has been concluded by a nice night out at the beach with all teams.

Thank you for following us through this adventure!

Team Seeki