Project kick-off

By Florian Josselin October 28, 2018 Discover Hapstick project

Hi CHIC community!

Team Snooze is composed of 6 members from really different backgrounds : 3 engineers, 2 designers, and 1 business student.

Jonathan Robotics student @EPFL interested in product development and hardware coming from Taiwan.

Florian Microengineering student @EPFL interested in App development and entrepreneurship coming from France and Austria.

Harshdeep Data Science student @EPFLinterested in Machine learning and NLP coming from India.

Martin Industrial Designer student @Ecal interested in innovative product coming from Switzerland.

Diane Media Interaction design student @Ecal interested in video production and graphism coming from France.

Nan Information system @HEC Lausanne interested in business and marketing coming from China.


The opportunity space our team explored is Wasted Time identified by two different ideas which are 1) to create interactions to make waiting time more fun and instructive, and 2) to link a virtual space to a located physical one to entertain people while their waiting.