More than a pair of sticks,
a connected recovery experience.


Take control over your recovery

Thought to make the partial weight bearing process easier, faster and less stressful for the patient and the physiotherapist

Improve patient experience

Enhance the recovery process and give to the patient the opportunity to have control over the process


Weight measurement

Calculates the weight you put on your injured leg to make sure you recover properly.

Live Feedback

An haptic feedback helps you estimate the weight you load warning you in case you load much or not enough.

User friendly

Transparent and simple activity analyse for yourself and to communicate with the physiotherapist.


Swiss designed handle following the hand shape to make the experience less painful.

Get track of your activity

Follow your activity, share it with physiotherapists and get personalized exercices.

Application render

Team members

Profile picture of Florian Josselin
  • Florian Josselin

  • Firmware Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Software Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Diane Thouvenin
  • Diane Thouvenin

  • User Experience
  • ECAL
Raised in Delhi, India. Completed my Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Manchester, UK. I am currently doing my Master in Data Science at EPFL.
Profile picture of Harshdeep
  • Harshdeep

  • Software Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Martin Stricker
  • Martin Stricker

  • Industrial Design
  • ECAL
Profile picture of Jonathan Regef
  • Jonathan Regef

  • Electronic Engineering
    Firmware Engineering
    Software Engineering
  • EPFL
Profile picture of Nan Chen
  • Nan Chen

  • Business
  • UNIL

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