Team Presentation

By Yael.Sidler October 29, 2018 Discover AKANE project

Dear CHIC community,

Kick-off weekend is done! After 2 days of meetings new people and brainstorming, we now have a team : Zhu Zhu.

Zhū Zhú (zhū which means “pig”, as it will be the chinese year of the pig in 2019 and zhú which means “to construct”)

Teammates are: Maxime M. (Micro engineering), Théo (Mechanical engineering), Nadia (Industrial Design), Yaël (Media Interaction Design), Maxime B. (Micro engineering), Anne-Lise (Business)

We have the theme of “wasted space”, with “lonely as human space, “knowledge through discussion” as data space and “street walls” as location space.

We are looking forward to exploring new dimensions! And spice it!

Zhu zhu Team


Ps: the name of the team might change …