Workshop #2 / 1st team meeting

By Pablo Bellon November 9, 2018 Discover CARING project

Hi everyone!

Last weekend we had a workshop at EPFL that was about team working and we focused on the difficulties of collaborating with different persons on the same project.

We had for exemple to build the biggest and the beautifulest tower. With we did and we won 😉 We were rewarded with some good chocolates.

Every exercice that we did as a team strengthened our ability to work together. After this weekend we were ready to start working!

On Tuesday we met for our team meeting, and we discussed on the tactic that we will use to progress as much as we can. And we created also the slack group so we can communicate better.

Now we’re on the field to redefine our opportunity space. Interviewing people is our main strategy for that. Let’s see if it’s a good one!

Until our next post, we suggest you relax a bit 😉

un stress your data!