Workshop 2+

By Giulia Lécureux November 9, 2018 Discover NOX project

Hi Everyone!

It is only the beginning of our CHIC journey and we already have a lot to manage and to do!

Last weekend, we had a workshop on team-building, decision-making, conflict management, and communication presented by professor Jean-Philippe Maitre.

We did exercises to help us to build our team-spirit, improve our communication skills inside the team and discuss about problem resolution processes. It was really interesting to do it through exercises that were not directly related to our project so that we could learn to work together in a neutral way.

This workshop helped us to know each other better in the team and to develop our communication skills.

We concluded this workshop by writing the base of our team contract, that is the common ground guideline to follow to smooth the experience of working together.

Finally, we did not win the win the Paper Tower Contest, but we sure did make the highest one ! 😉