SUCCESful pitch on the way

By Jonathan Regef November 13, 2018 Discover Hapstick project


Hello everyone, welcome on this week’s blog post.

Do you know what SUCCES stands for? We didn’t either before having attended this monday’s (November 12th) pitching workshop.
As Benedict taught us, SUCCES is the acronym for the following key aspects that make up a good pitch:
Simple, Unexpected, Credible, Concrete, Emotional and Story.

We had the opportunity to get plenty of guidance on how to target the perfect pitch to the right audience,  and we even started applying the principles learned on preparing the coming pitch for milestone 1.

We brainstormed about the structure it might be built up on, the goal we intend on achieving with our pitch and the specific techniques we may employ to get there.
Our efforts in sketching a convincing pitch shall be kept up this week, in parallel to our on going progress of narrowing down our “Wasted Time” concept to a single well defined opportunity space.

Team Snooze